Do you know what my favorite food is? Well if you guessed BBQ, you would be right! I love me some BBQ.  When ever I travel, I try to hit up the local bbq favorites. I love gyuuuuuuuy and chuuuuuuuuy ribs and brisket. I love meats of all kinds; I have never had bear meat, but I love rabbit, ox, snake.

Anyways, my 3 favorite bbq places are:

1. Fat Matt’s in Atlanta

2. Gatlins in Houston

3. Hard 8 in Dallas

Close 4th place is Phil’s Bbq in San Diego. YUM!

These are more American bbq places, but I love Korean & Hawaiian bbq too. Oh and if your curious, man’s first best friend is dog and second would be the woman of his dreams!

Peace be with you!