“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
― Abraham Lincoln

T: The glass is half full and you always see it as half empty.
A: Can we at least agree its not full yet?
– West Wing

This post is based on the idea that perspective and attitude make up your life. Though each quote above is relatively simple, each reader will see them though their own eyes and predispositions.

In this case, I think of my current self-inflicted difficulties. I am going though a rough patch that I will not involve you in dear reader, but suffice to say, it doesn’t get any harder then this.

Getting away from the struggles, I ask to be… “sound in faith, in love and in patience.”  and “… to give up our wicked ways and our worldly desires and to live decent and honest lives in this world.  To be filled with hope, as we wait for the glorious return of God and Jesus Christ. He gave himself to rescue us from everything that is evil and to make our hearts pure. He wanted us to be his own people and to be eager to do right.” -Titus

With that I say good night, good and faithful servant, good night and peace be with you.