Let me tell you about my attempted flight with Norwegian Airlines.

We had been backed away from the gate and the captain came on to report that during the start up checklist he noticed a reported mechanical issue with the Wing Spoiler before pulling away and was now going through a second test. The second test failed as well, so maintenance was called. LAX would not grant us a new gate or let us return to the original gate, so we were towed to an outlying facility for maintenance while the passengers waited on board.

After 4 hours, the engineers reported back that they were unable to isolate the issue, and we were being removed from the plane for the night. Buses were brought out to the remote terminal to take us back to the Tom Bradley terminal. After waiting 2 hours in the new terminal, Norwegian notified everyone that we need to leave the terminal area and go to baggage claim, where we were promised food, drinks and a place to rest while things were sorted out. (Side note: President Obama is in town, so got a nice shot of Air Force one.) [soliloquy id=”134″]

Unfortunately, the baggage section they moved us to is under construction so 30 minutes later with no food, water or hotels we were asked to leave the Tom Bradley terminal so construction could continue.

Its now 0230am, many passengers have attempted to find hotels, and most every hotel within 50 miles are all sold out (Something even the airline admitted). So 300+ people(including many families and European tourists) have now been kicked out of the airport, with no access to hotel rooms, no cash assistance, no food, no water. Its a nightmare and almost became a riot.

So now almost 9 hours later, their has been no proactive contact from the airline. The airline website still lists last nights flight as delayed:

Calls to customer service result in a “Sorry we can not help you. You are welcome to cancel your flight and get a refund.”

All this to say, Norwegian is a terrible Airline, with horrible customer service who has ruined trips for hundreds of people with little to no remorse.

As of now, personally I will miss my connecting train to Paris, two business meetings, have wasted a hotel night in London and am left with the worst customer service experience ever.
Also as a sad coincidence My fiance who attempted to surprise me by joining my flight is upset and feels lied to by the airline (as do the rest of the passengers). No good deed goes unpunished.

Will we see this situation fixed? It’s not looking that way so far. So off we go into battle trying to get someone who has the power to fix this to notice us.

Thanks for the support, tweets and kind words from other travelers.

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2 Upset Passengers of Flight DY7096

Just FYI:

Norwegian is a new to the US low cost European airline (think southwest minus the awesome customer service)
Flight # DY7096
Original Departure Time 2030
Emptied Plane at 0000
Kicked out of terminal at 230