So at work during our twice a week meetings we always have someone who is in a jokester mood. The joking usually comes out in some smart aleck comment when another employee is complaining or says something that is a bit off and hilarity usually ensues. So with that I am going to keep a running log of those comments and, if I can remember, a record of what sparked the comment.

Here are the current few I can remember:

David: I will not be around as often as I am going to Graduate school.
Greg: Translation: “I’m sorry my success is inconvenient for you”.

Ray: Well they need a faster speed, what comes between 3 & 10?
Marc: 4, 5,….6….7…8……9.
Ray: Shut up…

Pam$5.20 to drive to work in the “express” lanes but we are going 20mph. #ripoff
(Image of traffic and freeway, on the ground it says “Exprs”)
JoshOh that’s the exprs lane. It’s the Chinese knockoff express lane. Doesn’t work quite as well.

If you feel like searching for these in the future as I add more, the hash tag for these will be: #TwoPointsTo

Hope you got a few laughs and that your doing well!
Peace be with you.