A few months back I was asked to write a few words on my hopes for Sugoi Japan, a project by Dentsu & the Yomirui Shimbun (the largest news paper in Japan). Sugoi Japan is an attempt to poll the Japanese public and find their favorite cultural creations that they would share with the international community. I wrote:

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso once said that with great reverence. I can see the influence of Japanese Popular Arts and Culture on the souls of our fans every day. When you gaze upon the 80,000+ fans at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, you quickly appreciate this influence. Attendees dressed in a colorful array of costumes and proudly displaying their love of Japanese Art is an awesome spectacle. There’s an energy and excitement that honors generations of artists and dreamers across the world. This enthusiasm for art improves every aspect of our lives and unifies people with great passions.

That is what is truly wonderful about Sugoi-Japan’s mission in bringing together these passions and recognizing them. Sugoi-Japan washes the dust from ordinary days and shares the splendor of Japanese Popular Arts with everyone.

On behalf of fans everywhere, I thank you.” – Marc Perez – http://sugoi-japan.jp/sugoi_sp05.html

What makes this an especially fun bit, is that the other individual they got to comment was Guillermo del Toro, and that’s great company to be among.

Peace be with all of you.  =)