Good Morning!

The weekend was over far too quickly.
Yesterdays Easter service was nice, an outside event that was far too cold! There were a ton of people, I would guess about 3 thousand.
Even with that many bodies, it got so cold, I wanted a warm bath when I got home. Sadly, no tubs at home. Instead had a nice warm Easter dinner of ham, sweet potatoes with walnuts and Hawaiian bread.

So I don’t know how close any of you follow other cultures, but the Jewish faith during the First month of the civil year known as Tishrei or Seventh month of the Hebrew calendar, their is a day called Yom Kippur.
From Wikipedia: Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism. Its central themes are atonement and repentance. Jewish people traditionally observe this holy day with an approximate 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer, often spending most of the day in synagogue services.
While not Jewish, but appreciating other cultures I learned of another Holy day,  Erev Yom Kippur.
For Erev Yom Kippur, It is customary to give increased charity as charity helps to repeal any evil decrees. Sins committed against another person cannot be atoned for until one has first sought forgiveness from the person he/she has wronged. Even the great day of Yom Kippur or death cannot atone for sins against fellow man. Thus – it is customary to go visit (or at least call) friends, family, associates and any person whom one may have somehow wronged or spoken ill of in the past year and ask forgiveness. For example, any stolen objects must be returned to their rightful owners. Any person you have spoken Loshen Hara, evil gossip, about, should be asked for their forgiveness. It is a mitzvah to immerse oneself in a mikvah (ritual bath) on Erev Yom Kippur. This symbolizes a person’s rebirth associated with the doing of Teshuvah, return. Men have this custom universally, and women have different customs concerning mikvah Erev Yom Kippur.

I take this as, before you can ask for forgiveness of others, you must forgive those who have done wrong to you. I don’t know who reads this site, but for any of you who know me personally and have done me wrong. I forgive you. While it may not be Ereve/Yom Kippur, every day is a good day to forgive others. So I forgive you all.
I hope you find peace, love, and happiness. I hope that we stay close, share moments and memories. So with that, I say, Happy Easter, a day of atonement in the Chrisitan faith.

This week starts a new experience for me, while still looking for a real career (read: higher paying job), I’m starting a job that will be a bit different. Wish me luck.

I hope that you all have a great week, get a chance to relax and enjoy each new day. Thank you for letting me share some of my life with you.


Peace be with you!